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[text]About Us[/text]

Marine Buoys Australia Pty Ltd manufacture, provide and hire marker buoys and signage for all waterways.
We also provide detailed traffic management plans.

Marine Buoys Australia Pty Ltd is a family owned business.
The Wittmann family have a long tradition of working on the water.

Owning two commercial work boats (both in survey) means we can install and maintain the buoys and signs to the highest standard possible. The work boats can be hired without hiring or purchasing buoys.

    Some of our major jobs include:

  • Shepherd Bridge Widening (Fulton Hogan)
  • Geelong Christmas Tree Project
  • Melbourne Metro Rail Project
  • Swan Street Bridge Upgrade
  • Wallan Road Bridge Works
  • White Night 2016
  • White Night 2015

    We have a fully ticketed crew including:

  • First Aid Certificates
  • AMSA Qualifications
  • OH&S Certificates
  • AMC Certificates
  • WhiteCards
  • MSIC Cards

We can supply you with polystyrene surface floats. They come in round, torpedo style and football style.
Round floats come in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm.
Torpedo style floats come in 400mm x 200mm and 600mm x 200mm.
Football style floats come in small 220mm lenght and large 290mm length.

We are in the process of moving forward with the production of our new website. In the coming future we will see a new page, adding a ‘Past Projects’ page for our customers to see, as well as some new features.

Past Projects:
This page will show detailed information about the products used on our past projects, as well as display relevant images of the project in its setup state and finished state.

We will be adding some extra features to the ‘Products’ page to help you find what you need via a detailed information section upon clicking the product’s item button. As well as that, we will be implementing an image selection bar for each product which will enable you to view each product at all angles through various images.

We are in the process of adding mobile compatibility for phones and tablets, so please bare with us while we get that up and running. Meanwhile feel free to view our website from the comfort of your chair on either your desktop or laptop.

We will also be working on adding an invisible reCaptcha to our ‘Online Form’ in the ‘Contact Us’ page to make filling out the form even easier!